Photographs are my guiding sense of truth.

I see beauty in the small moments; it’s in everything that makes us human and sets us apart from everyone else. I make pictures to showcase that instinctual beauty and to connect us through shared experiences. I’m not interested in making anyone the same as any other; I’m interested in highlighting what makes us different.

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I’m Dana.

I’m a photographer based out of Philadelphia, PA with roots in NJ and NYC.

I’m a pisces.

I drive a ’99 CR-V and it’s my most prized possession. 

I can’t do anything simply, nor can I do anything half-assed.

I swear, sometimes a bit too often (I’m working on it).

My friends mean the world to me.

I’m at my best when I can smell the ocean.

Traveling, or even talking about traveling, is my weakness.